Month: February 2019

Can a farmer get a mortgage?

Spring is a period of intense work for farmers. It is often from these few months that it depends on what crop it will receive, and what is connected with it, what profits will be obtained from its activity. And these profits are very difficult to estimate, because they depend on many factors on which […]


Is travel loan worth it? How and where to do it?

Traveling is one of the favorite pastimes of many people. Whether it’s the holiday break or the dreamed 20 or 30 days of vacation. But traveling requires planning. Not only for the choice of places you will visit, but also financial planning! So we’ve brought you a guide to find out if it’s worth taking […]


What is the best bank to get a loan?

Sometimes there is no way, you have to use a loan to invest in the business, to buy a car or any other good, to pay a debt or to use in other situations. If this is your case and you are determined to seek a financial institution to close the deal, be aware that […]


Fast online credit

Everyone who has a child at home knows how difficult it is when at the end of summer the kids have to return to school. It is time to buy textbooks and, as we know, they are not cheap. And that’s not all. Usually old clothing is not good because it is already wasteful, and […]